Who doesn’t love traveling? Apart from work and frustrating week work everyone wants a
good holiday. Either it is a family holiday or a solo trip or a couple of weekends. There is a
quote “open classes can teach you more than your usual classes.” This means you can gain
knowledge in your classes or your usual lectures but the knowledge you gain by your
experience or the knowledge you gain with nature is always better. In other words, we can
say nature teaches more than bookish knowledge.

Does money matter in traveling?

No, many of you don’t agree with this. But this is a fact that money doesn’t matter in
traveling. The only thing that matters is your courage and daring. However, many travel
influencers on the internet show off their money and plan their trips in a very expensive way.
But again, I will say there are more in numbers who say money doesn’t matter in traveling.
One of them is Lexie Alford. The youngest person to travel to the whole country. Apart from
her, there are many more who agree to this “money doesn’t matter”. So, many of you have a
question about how they still manage to travel without spending too much money.

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There are many ways you can cut your expense in planning a trip. You can use the “couch
surfing” application, which helps travelers to stay in local homes for free. They have some
terms and conditions but they will let you live in their houses for free. You can share your
experiences and make new friends there and in return, they will let you stay free of cost.
Moreover, you can also volunteer for some houses. You get a free home you have to do one
thing you have to make your food and help the house owner with their work and in place of
this work, you will get a free homestay. But, what Lexie Alford says about her journey
through the globe? What kind of problems does she face during her adventure journey to the
whole world?

Who is Lexie Alford?

Lexie Alford is a YouTuber, blogger, and photographer who has been recently mentioned in
Guinness World Record. She is the youngest person to visit every single country in the world.
Before discussing her traveling experience Firstly, we will know about her in brief. Who she
is? And how she traveled the whole world?
She was born on 10th August 1998 in California, America. Before turning 21 she had traveled
to 196 countries. Her parents were in the travel and tour business. They use to plan a trip for
people and give them the service of traveling. She got the skills of traveling and bag packing
from them. She uses to follow her parents on different-different trips. From his childhood
days, she has a great knowledge of how to plan trips and tours. And also, she has great
knowledge about how to maintain expenses in traveling and how to plan a budget for cheap
prices. In her teenage she used to travel with her parent and before her 18th birthday she has
already visited 72 countries. In the TED TALK, she mentioned that she uses to collect more
information regarding where she is going and does great research on budget deals.

How she manages her budget?

On Lexie’s website, she has mentioned that she manages her expenses by doing some
freelancing and part-time paid jobs. She has also mentioned that her majority of trips are self-funded. However, some are paid but not all of them are sponsored. One of the major facts about her is she already discussed that she started to save for her dream to travel since she was just 12 years. At the age of 12 maximum of us pass our time by demanding money from our parents for daily usable stuff.

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Her travel journeys?

The journey which she has explained has many adventure stories. Some of them will be
inspiring and some will tell you what the real world seems to be. The world is not what you
see on your social media neither as shown on television. The real world is something mixed
up. You will see many ups and downs. The journey to the world is not like a fairy tale.
What she explained is, you will face many problems sometimes you will feel you are broken.
Even you can’t find hotels according to your wish. You have to manage it. The journey to the
world has been tough. Besides this, you will come to know the world is truly majestic. There
are a lot of happing things which happen in the world. You will make new friends. You will
face problems and make their solutions your own, this will make you more and more strong
from inside. You will come to know you are more capable than what you think of yourself.

The inspiration we should take from Lexie Alford.

When you see or get to know about some great personality like her, we should take lessons
from her and her experiences. The dream of travel around the globe was not easy for her. She
has started early to make it happen, like when she was only 12 years, she started to work.
You have to work hard for your dream to get into reality. Every time you step your foot
outside your home you have to take off your comfort zone aside. You will face many
challenges in the path but you have to rise and fight against them. From her point of view,”
you have to push your limits and you have to make your path to fulfill your dream.”

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