Let’s begin with the two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Manish Kumar(CEO) and Nishant Kumar(CTO) from Epic Home Service having the lead from Chandigarh

How Epic Home Service Started and Journey ahead?

Back in the year 2017, Manish kumar who was in his first year of Engineering college always wanted to start his own business which was his all-time dream. He had the idea of his business for a very long time, but he was waiting for the right time, to begin with. He dropped his college and started to work on his business idea and executed it on the 10th of April, 2017 which was a home service-based startup named EPIC VILA. 

Initially, this business was mostly running on offline mode. Gradually when it started growing we wanted to make it available in online mode and it was a bit tough to manage the business now. So after 1 year, this company has two major people. Nishant Kumar is a well-learned coder and very good at managing teams.

Nishant Kumar has a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and also wants to run a start-up company. He was in the 3rd year of his college when manish called him and told him about his start-up. He was preparing for his placement at that time and suddenly after the idea of a start-up, he was like “ this is what I want” and at a sudden time without thinking of any kind of trouble joined the business.

The main time for testing your knowledge is when you got the idea to perform your knowledge on a practical basis. And this was the correct time for me to explore and test my knowledge on a practical basis. Later on, they did all the work together, either it was booking technicians or any kind of software bug fix. Now we can proudly say we are running a startup, and we have now a market brand named EPIC HOME SERVICE.

You must be thinking why there are two companies name well, it was all started with the company named EPIC VILA but, in the year 2021 they decided to make some changes as the name was 

About Epic Home Service?

EPIC HOME SERVICE is a platform that provides Home repair & maintenance services like electrician, plumber, ac repair, washing machine repair, Painter, interior designing, and many more. They only allow skilled and experienced professionals to connect with them. They generally focus their service rates to be affordable as it will be convenient for the customers to book their required services. 

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